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Check COVID-19 Announcements (US & India) posts on Teams at-least once a day to know the latest on what is happening at the Company, our offices and at our Client locations and what is expected of you. Click below icons to go to the respective channels on Teams. 


Find out more about how to stay safe and stay focused during the COVID-19 crisis below:

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At ValueMomentum, we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers while ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, partners, vendors, and all associated personnel working at various ValueMomentum facilities.


For Associates in the US, if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms:

  • Please be sure to check the CDC guidelines
  • Reach out to  your primary care physician for medical advice.
  • If you are enrolled in ValueMomentum’ s health plan through Cigna, it is important to note: Cigna provides access to two Medical Virtual Care services as part of your medical plan – Amwell and MDLIVE. Virtual Care allows you to get the care you need – including most prescriptions – for a wide range of minor conditions. You can connect with a board-certified doctor via video chat or phone, without leaving your home. You can access this service 24/7/365 with appointments usually in less than an hour
    • 855-667-9722 and
    • 888-726-3171
The above Virtual Care services can be used not just for COVID-19 related symptoms but also for other minor ailments that you may experience. This is a valuable resource for all of us as we practice social distancing and work from home – to protect ourselves and our communities. Please see attached flyer for detail
  • If your symptoms are severe, you can consider using an Urgent Care facility or going to the ER. You can find your local Urgent Care facility at or calling the member service located at the back of your Member ID card.
  • It recommended to call before you visit your physician or urgent care facility to help them protect themselves and other patients.

For Associates in India, please be sure to review Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) advisory and guidelines related to COVID-19. You should also review the document "When to get tested for COVID-19" in the COVID19 India Announcements Team Channel. If you experience symptoms, this document has valuable 24x7 helpline information where you can get qualified to get tested. 

It recommended to call before you visit your physician or urgent care facility to help them protect themselves and other patients

The Task Force has committed to the Company’s Board and to our Clients that all our Associates will have the ability to work from home by March 20th. Location Task Force Leaders have been empowered to mobilize operations to work from home (AtHome), and several leaders, working in conjunction with Clients, have mobilized AtHome operations. The Task Force is on track to achieve the Mar 20 timeline for all of our USA Associates and many of our India Associates. For the rest of the Associates in India, excepting those working in “white rooms”, the Task Force is on track to mobilize AtHome operations by March 25th.

Currently, AtHome plans will remain in effect until further notice. While we all hope that this Outbreak will be behind us soon, you should prepare conservatively. You can do so by identifying necessary supplies (e.g. medicine, first aid supplies, food, and other household supplies) and by buying more than normally needed, without hoarding medical essentials. Be sure to plan for your computing needs (e.g. power adapters, headsets, wires, etc.) too. Remember, this measure is crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of each Associate, our Clients, and our communities.

Some Clients have already begun exercising work from home options. For those clients who have not yet embraced work from home (“AtHome”), we have made appeals. The Task Force is fully committed to making AtHome happen successfully for all of our Associates at the earliest possible. We will continue to work with Clients to ensure them of our AtHome capabilities and encourage them to exercise this option, as recommended by local and national authorities, for the safety and health of everyone in the community.

5. Are Associates permitted to travel for business or for personal reasons?

All business travel, domestic and international is currently prohibited. In this context, business travel entails traveling outside what may be reasonably considered as your “home base”. For example, an Associate working in our NJ office will have undertaken domestic business travel if they visit a Client in New York, NY.

International personal travel is strongly discouraged and if an emergency necessitates, Associates are required to obtain email approval from their Task Force Leader before going on their trip and self-quarantine themselves upon their return.

With COVID-19 spreading rapidly, it is not safe to travel, either domestic or international. Every one of us is already aware that travel by air is significantly risky. Unfortunately, we may think shorter distance travel by bus or train is safer. However, the risks are equally high as you can see with authorities advising against using mass transit such as metro, train or bus. Traveling a short distance by personal vehicle may also sound safe, but if you are visiting a crowded place such as a place of worship or a playground, you are still at risk of exposure. There may be some emergency that requires you to go out. If you do, please take all the necessary precautions. Stay clear of cities and locations that are experiencing community spread.

6. Am I the only one receiving phishing scam emails and text messages?

Sadly, there are people who are taking advantage of emergencies such as this one and trying to scam people using phishing emails and text messages. They are masquerading as credit card companies and other brands. There have been several reports from our Associates who have received phishing scam emails and text messages from either our HR or IT support or our CEO or our other leaders. Please be very vigilant and do NOT click on any link or respond or take any actions without verifying the authenticity diligently.

7. How is ValueMomentum monitoring COVID-19?

ValueMomentum has appointed a Task Force to deal with this incident. The aim of the Task Force is to minimize the spread of COVID-19 within our community, minimize its spreading in our communities and our clients’ and minimize disruption of our service to our Clients and our work. They have the full support of our Company Board to take any action and make any decision necessary to achieve this.

The Task Force is meeting daily to discuss ValueMomentum’s approach to the outbreak and to lead communications and coordination of all matters with our Associates, Clients, Partners and Vendors. The Task Force Leaders include an overall coordinator in the US, an overall coordinator in India and identified location-specific leaders. Task Force Leaders will be point persons to coordinate any required Company measures and to address any concerns or events that may occur.

8. Can an Associate work from home to minimize the possibility of being infected?

The Task Force is monitoring updates and guidelines from CDC. The Task Force is also making necessary arrangements to enable Associates to work from home, if such a need arises or to comply with local government guidelines. Currently, each Task Force Leader is coordinating with Associates under their purview and with Client Task Force counterparts, to determine where Associates should work from. If your Task Force Leader informs you that you should be prepared to work from home or if a decision has been made for you to work from home, Associates are required to comply with such guidelines. In the interim, if you have a unique concern, please contact your Task Force Leader to determine the appropriate course of action.

9. What should I do if someone in my community or in my family has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or is undergoing tests because they suspect that they may have contracted COVID-19?

If an Associate’s family member or someone they are in close proximity to, is sick or shows symptoms of fever, acute respiratory illness or any other related symptoms, the Associate should work from home and/or care for their family member. Please immediately inform your Task Force Leader of such a situation. ValueMomentum will not consider this time as leave and the sick days will not get deducted from your paid time off.

10. If I have to take time off because I or a family member is sick or has contracted the virus, or I have to work from home because I have to self-quarantine, will this time be considered as sick leave?

The Company will not consider the above situations as leave, and the sick days will not get deducted from your paid time off.


Below is the archive of all communications shared with Clients, Associates and Partners:



ValueMomentum's Board has appointed our COVID-19 Task Force that will meet regularly to coordinate our approach to the outbreak and to lead communications and coordination of all matters with our Associates, Clients and Suppliers.

Please contact your local Task Force Leader if you would like to inquire about any general concerns, updates from your local community or client, or for any other questions you may have.

You may also contact: