Here are a few things ValueMomentum Associates can do to step up and rise to the occasion to ensure we provide uninterrupted service to our Clients while working from home and staying safe. 

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Stay Healthy

In order to protect yourself and the ones around you:

  • Wash your hands regularly (i.e. at least once an hour)
  • Maintain a social distance of at least 6 ft.
  • Cover your cough with your elbow or a paper napkin, as the virus can travel distances and persist on surfaces
  • Stay healthy while Working from Home by using ergonomic furniture, taking breaks to stretch & walk, and staying hydrated



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Stay Connected

As we transition to Work from Home, be available to your Team Leaders and Clients at all times during work hours. In order to stay connected, be sure to:

  • Keep your phone handy and be available to others
  • Check your email/Teams channel regularly
  • Contact your team leader or your Task Force Leader if you have any issues with your regular project calls or other connectivity issues
  • Skype is available for Associates in India who need to dial into standing meetings with US dial-in numbers
  • Collaborate via Teams, as you will be able to do Team video and voice meetings with anyone within the company


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Stay Positive

As COVID-19 spreads and impacts the economy, stay positive.

As we work together to overcome this crisis, please remember:

  • Your Company's Management and Board has effectively managed the Company and delivered uninterrupted service to our Clients during three previous financial crises
  • Our Clients also stood by us and, over a period, became closer to us
  • Even though Work from Home means working alone without the physical presence of our colleagues, we are nevertheless working together to support one another, while meeting our commitments.


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Stay Dependable

Our Customers trust us to work honestly and provide deliverables on time. If we cannot maintain our productivity, we will break our Customers’ trust—a collective loss for all of us.

In order to promote and maintain an honest work ethic:

  • Set yourself rigid working hours (8-9 hours) and a daily schedule
  • Start work on time, every day
  • Dress in a professional manner
  • Demonstrate a high level of commitment to customers and project leaders
  • Refrain from idle activity (e.g. Internet browsing or checking social media)
  • When taking a break, communicate with team members
  • Maintain a high standard of work regardless of the possible lack of recognition from leaders and Clients during this crisis.
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Get the Job Done

There will be unavoidable circumstances that will affect your productivity (e.g. internet slow down, power outage, inadequate technology). In these situations: 

    • Please rise up to the occasion and use your ingenuity and creativity to get the job done, in spite of everything; for example,
      • You could work early mornings when there are no bandwidth problems or
      • You could work at hours where there are no power interruptions
  • Even when priorities and schedules shift, remember that we are all leaning on each other to overcome this crisis together.