Here are a few things ValueMomentum Associates can do in order to be safe during the COVID-19 Outbreak:

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Stay Home

Staying at home and avoiding social gatherings (e.g. social distancing) is a necessary community-wide initiative required to prevent the virus from spreading.

Social distancing means:

  • NOT meeting friends casually, even in small groups
  • NOT attending social events (e.g. marriages, birthdays, get-togethers)
  • NOT visiting areas with large groups of people (e.g. shopping malls, movie theatres, restaurants, etc.)



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Avoid Traveling

With COVID-19 spreading rapidly, we must limit all our travel and take every precaution.

For Associates, “avoiding travel” means:

  • Avoiding travel in any form, including domestic & international, and long- & short- distance (e.g. airplane, bus, train, etc.)
  • Avoiding mass transit and using a personal vehicle when possible
  • Avoiding crowded places, (e.g. places of worship, playgrounds) even if accessed via personal vehicle
  • Staying clear of cities and locations that are experiencing community spread


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Be Responsible

If you or a member of your household start experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, don’t panic, but act responsibly. This is especially important if you have family members or community members who are elderly and/or immunocompromised.

If you or someone close to you suspects possible exposure and/or infection:

  • Seek medical attention and follow CDC/WHO guidelines
  • Do not meet Clients, other Associates, or go to our or our Client’s office; this is not only irresponsible, but possibly illegal
  • Keep your Task Force Leader informed of your situation
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Stay Vigilant

We are working with sensitive data and our Clients’ confidential information. 

To protect this data, exercise vigilance at all times by:

  • Securing a quiet space to take business calls
  • Avoiding work in public spaces like coffee shops or libraries where you may get infected by the virus or compromise the security of our data & networks
  • Locking your computer when you are not working to protect data privacy
  • Being careful to not show your screen to people around you; if you have received a privacy guard for your screen, please use it diligently.



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Be Prepared

In the spirit of social distancing, make all necessary preparations for extensive self-isolation. This includes reducing your exposure by minimizing shopping trips.

Before going shopping, make preparations by:

  • Identifying necessary supplies (e.g. medicine, first aid supplies, food and other household supplies)
  • Buying more than normally needed, without hoarding
  • Identifying your computing needs (e.g. power adapters, headsets, wires, etc.)