SMA White Paper

Digital Transformation in Insurance: The Industry Gains Momentum

Published: August 2017 

Everyone in insurance seems to be talking about digital. However, not everyone has the same view of digital, and the scope of digital initiatives may vary dramatically.

Download this white paper, based on SMA research and insights from insurer engagements that sets out to assess the true state of digital transformation in the insurance industry. A series of important questions will be answered, including:

  • What is the scope of digital initiatives and transformation at insurance companies?
  • Do digital strategies have the support and sponsorship of the senior leadership team?
  • How far are insurers along the path toward becoming digital insurers?
  • How do digital initiatives relate to innovation, emerging technologies, and InsurTech?
  • What challenges have insurance companies encountered in their digital transformation journeys and the lessons they have learnt?
  • What are the opportunities for differentiation for insurers? For solution providers?