Novarica Executive Brief:

Innovation in Specialty Lines

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About this Executive Brief

The Novarica Executive Brief discusses the impact of recent technology innovations on specialty insurers. The report is based on Novarica's conversations with specialty insurer CIOs and Novarica's observations.
Specialty insurers offer insurance policies to highly specialized buyers, sellers, and intermediaries. New developments in technology, especially in analytics and IoT, are starting to shift specialty insurers’ mindsets.
Specialty insurers are starting to realize that product innovation is inhibited by legacy systems and practices and that digital communications can be used to enhance, rather than replace, high-value relationships. 
Read this Novarica Executive Brief to know:
  • How process and technology advances can help specialty insurers innovate, and learn fast from the experiences
  • Potential impact of Internet of Things in specialty insurance 
  • About the use of predictive modeling for product and underwriting by specialty insurers
  • Why specialty insurers should have unified digital strategy

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