Join the Third Annual CHART Exchange Event 2017 Session

CHART Markets - New Distribution Channels for LIoyd's Underwritten Business

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 | 12:00 - 12:50 PM EST

Sposored by ValueMomentum along with Rockwood

The emerging tech-driven new insurance players are revolutionizing the world of insurance distribution including the distribution of the Lloyd's underwritten business. Lloyd's being predominantly a broker-led market, underwriters at underwriting syndicates, insurers, and reinsurers work closely with the brokers and underwrite risks brought by the brokers. However, brokers are facing stiff competition owing to the advent of the digital revolution. Empowered by innovative digital technology, insurers/reinsurers are leveraging cost efficient digital platforms to select and underwrite risks on their own. 

To stay relevant in the rapidly evolving alternative insurance distribution paradigm, the brokers need to embrace digital technology to engage their customers to build strong relationships and provide digitally rich customer experiences. 

Join this session where the speakers will discuss about:

  • Emerging trends in broking and distribution at Lloyd
  • Shifting insurance distribution landscape of Lloyd's underwritten business
  • Implications for brokers
  • Why brokers need to self-disrupt their business by leveraging digital technology